About AFE

AFE S.A. SICAV-RAIF (AFE) invests in a diverse range of primarily non-performing debt and real estate assets across the U.K. and Europe and provides the central Asset Solutions platform utilised by Veld Capital.

Veld Capital was created from the carve out of the AnaCap Credit business from AnaCap Financial Partners. AFE has broad based expertise spanning unsecured and secured consumer, SME and corporate debt as well as direct real estate, further benefiting from the wide network, extensive track record and expertise in origination, underwriting and asset management that Veld Capital (formerly AnaCap Credit) has developed since inception in 2009.

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€325,000,000* Senior Secured Floating Rate Notes due 2024
Three-month EURIBOR plus 5% per annum, reset quarterly
Interest Payment dates quarterly on February 1,  May 1,  August 1 and November 1 commencing on November 1, 2017
Trade Date 13 July 2017
Maturity August 1, 2024

*During Q2 2019 €17,500,000 Senior Secured Floating Rate Notes were purchased and cancelled with immediate effect.

Management and Governance

The Company is an alternative investment fund within the meaning of the Alternative Investment Fund Manager Directive and is a reserved alternative investment fund within the meaning of the RAIF Law.

Board of Directors

The persons set forth below are the current members of the Board of Directors of the Company:

Company’s AIFM

Carne Global Fund Managers Luxembourg S.A. is a public limited company, incorporated and existing under the laws of Luxembourg

Investment Adviser

The AIFM will receive advice and assistance in the performance of its duties from the Investment Adviser (Veld Capital).

Veld Capital requires unanimous approval from its Investment Recommendation Committee prior to making a recommendation to the Portfolio Manager.

The members of the Investment Recommendation Committee are: